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My name is Yusharth Singh, I live in Ghazipur, a small town of Uttar Pradesh. I am pursuingh my graduation from ISPG College(Allahabad University). I am also a Django Developer. Amid pandemic I came to know about this cool field of Quantum Computing which doesn't really follow laws and regulations of classical mechanics as well as computing, that's really exciting for me and I am seeking a future in it.


I always like working on projects related to science and open to development also, I have interest in every field which have an innovative purpose either a startup or science and I love to participate in the both.

  • Fullname: Yusharth Singh
  • Birth Date: September 9, 1999
  • Job: Freelancer, Django Developer
  • Website: yusharth.github.io
  • Email: yusharthsingh@gmail.com


I am a Web Developer and know a good amount of Quantum, I have created some website and some good projects also related to the Quantum Computing also. I am also seeking to learn more web dev and design tools like React, JQuery, MongoDB and react native etc

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More of my credentials.

I have been working on a lot of things apart from physics and mathematics the view of the exact same thing can be seen in the below.

Work Experience

Django Developer

February 2021 - Present


I am in the WebDev team of QIndia to create a fully functioning website for QIndia, This is a completely volunteer work.

Django Developer

Apr 2020- May 2020

A ToDo List

I created a todo list, I know it doesn't sounds too professional for a full stack web developer but the main purpose behind creating the todo list was to creating something by my own rather than copying pasting the whole Ecommerce website, I added and deleted the features of the todo list to learn something new by my ownself and played around a bit with data management stuffs.

API Developer

Feb 2020 - March 2020


I created a Variational Quatum Eigensolver API, that solves a Quantum problem and give the ouptut and feed it to the database.


One Year Certificate Program

May 2020 - May 2021

IBM and The Coding School

This was an Online course I joined amid pandemic,I learnt basics of Quantum Computing and algorithms related to it in this course.

Bachelor Degree

May 2018 - June 2022

ISPG College

I am currently pursuing my B.S. with my subjects as Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.


Check Out Some of My Works.

Not any bunch of eye widening stuffs but some of the basic things from which I learnt a lot of stuffs on my own.


What Can I Do For You?

I am availabe to do internships, externships and jobs for a company associated to django web development as well as those who are in search for a physicst or WebDeveloper. I am open to all the other works associated to my domain.


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98 Dadrighat Colony, Ghazipur
Chota Baghara, Prayagraj
211001,233001, India

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Mobile: (+91) 998 47 46 356
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